A preschool is one of the first experiences a child has that takes place outside their comfort zones; where they have to physically step out of their cocoons and face the real world. This period of  transition from being an infant to a school-going toddler are called their formative years and are the major part of their early years development. The best preschools in India ensure they have nothing but the best faculty who are professionally trained and qualified, as they are equipped with the acumen to integrate fun activities with education. The educational curriculum at the preschool, Podar Jumbo Kids, has been designed to ensure the holistic development of children – ranging from emotional development, interpersonal skills, physical development to building of social quotient.

Podar Jumbo Kids has consistently ranked as the top preschool in India across many surveys, and here are some of their core focus areas:

  • Metacognition – As an early childhood center, it is critical that teachers understand how children learn. While children have different learning styles, the ability of the best preschools to develop a love for learning and curiosity in the child is what sets them apart from the crowd. It is a well known fact that learning doesn’t happen just from academics. Brain engagement activities are key contributors in ensuring the child is in their best mind space to absorb the lesson.
  • Character building – The focus is allow children to maximise their inherent talents, and develop their full potential rather than just feed them with knowledge. Podar Jumbo Kids ensures the barometer is moved from content mastery to competence mastery of children. Key 21st century life skills are honed such as resilience, creativity and self confidence through a myriad of neuroscience based activities.
  • Life Skills Development – The plethora of games and activities that are offered at Podar Jumbo Kids help children in building stronger pre-literacy skills. In addition to the activities like singing alphabet songs, learning rhymes to grasping different sounds and the ability to distinguish between them children develop a sense of excitement and motivation to continue learning. The learning and inculcating of different skills takes place as children are constantly involved in activities building a positive associations.
  • Nurture creativity and curiosity – Children are born curious and creative with a desire to learn more. This inherent curiosity needs to be fed with the right experience so that it can be piqued nurturing children’s brains to fuel learning and creativity. The faculty at Podar Jumbo Kids are trained in this cause, as teachers enable children to develop their own ideas and thoughts by encouraging curiosity and engaging with the kids as they ask questions. Teachers are also trained to listen to children’s ideas, rather than sticking to an ideology or pushing their own thoughts on to children. With the right guidance, stimulating environment, and developmentally appropriate interactions, children are far more likely to develop curiosity and creativity.