Education at high quality early childhood learning centres is of utmost importance when it comes to a child’s healthy development. Science has proven that the greatest growth spurt in a child’s brain is till the age of 8. Physical along with mental development are keys to equipping a child with the best resources to handle what life throws at them. The top preschools in India know how to weave physical frolic and fun into the curriculum of a kindergarten course.

Podar Jumbo kids, being the best preschool in India, is one such school that has inculcated these fun activities into their curriculum seamlessly. Every child has a different way of learning, compelling us to come up with a researched, neuroscience backed curriculum that is beneficial to the different types of learners. We have a plethora of unique activities that are super fun and quick to grasp:

  • Water Play – Swimming is a great way to have fun, but there are also many things that one can learn by being in the water. Water play is a great way to enhance strength and stamina. Additionally, when it is conducted correctly, it improves balance, posture and coordination between the hand -eye as well as the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Scientific water play is key in ensuring healthy gross motor development.
  • Sand Play – Sand play essentially involves touching the sand, feeling its texture, piling it up and building little sandcastles. When children are building sandcastles, it gives them the space and capacity to shape their imagination on the sand, which also helps in developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This tactile learning experience also contributes to improving their focus and concentration levels.


  • Block Play – Block play is an interesting game that is loved by most children at our centers. Not only is it enjoyable, it develops in our children the test of patience, concentration and problem solving abilities. Additionally, it equips children with recognition of different colours, shapes, sizes, and weights. This activity also helps in enhancing eye-hand coordination, sequencing and sorting skills.



  • Art Exploration – It is said that “every child is born an artist.” Children at Podar Jumbo Kids are painters, sculptors and craftsmen as per their own volitions. Art helps in developing both fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are essential for a child’s readiness for school including providing practice with hand-eye coordination and bilateral hand use. It also helps children in learning about colours and how to use these colours to scribble along on the paper while they are tracking their artwork with their eyes. Activities like painting, colouring, drawing, creating collages, making artwork out of clay, tissue painting all contribute towards opening the minds of children to their creative and imaginative sides.

All these fun activities are conducted in a scientific manner at Podar Jumbo Kids, the best preschool in India by integrating them within our Kiducation curriculum. This pedagogy provides the best development and learning experience for your little one.