Being one of the best preschools in India, we recognise and understand the importance of team building activities and the crucial role that it plays owing to the lessons and teachings it deploys. Team building activities also make up a major part of our curriculum at Podar Jumbo Kids. Team building activities are a great way to encourage kids to find ways to work with each other in order to reach a common objective set for them. Additionally, as toddlers with ages ranging from three to eight, they start discovering and scrutinising their surroundings a lot more as they open up their minds to different possibilities. The independence offered to them through these activities allows them to get curious and learn new skills. There are a plethora of different activities that we practice at Podar Jumbo Kids and have consciously integrated them into the curriculum to contribute to the holistic development of the preschoolers.

  • Scavenger Hunts – Scavenger hunts are a great way to get students to work proactively and collaboratively. Playing alongside fellow students and aiming at one goal allows kids to remain focused and require them to communicate with others and solve the problems at hand, inculcating social skills and problem-solving skills in them. It also requires them to strategize and work together in order to reach a goal sooner as the competition gets tougher with each passing round. Scavenger huntsnare also fun and customisable activities so we ensure to instil the ongoing lessons and chapters that are going on at the classes in order to multitask the fun activities into practice for the kids.
  • Theatre Practice – We have already talked a lot about how skits and theatre practice are helpful for kids in their overall development, but this also plays a huge role in the growing language development and expression skills. Theatre, as an activity, is a great way to expose the kids to new and different types of situations and also allows their creative juices to flow freely through the art of storytelling and acting. Theatre also amplifies the importance of team spirit and communication as the activity allows them to communicate in different ways and express their emotions in a dramatic way through dancing, singing, and acting.
  • Puzzle Solver – Solving puzzles, arranging blocks and alphabets are a great way to develop finger dexterity, perseverance and problem-solving skills. Not only do these activities help in hand and eye coordination, but they also contribute towards opening up their minds to a larger extent. This activity is mostly given to our preschoolers as the feeling of victory and completing a given task boosts the morale and confidence of kids. They develop a great amount of strength through the act of arranging and piling up the pieces that they are armed with.

Podar Jumbo Kids, as we all know, has consistently been named as one of the leading and the best preschools in India over the past couple of years and we are perpetually striving to put forth the best educative curriculum that equips our preschoolers with an abundance of skills to last them for a lifetime. The development of pedagogy at our highly prestigious preschool in Mumbai allows your little ones to partake in an amazing learning experience.