Last month we uploaded a blog on some of the fun activities that we conduct here at our school for Kindergarteners and we received a great response from you all. We had only spoken about four of the 13 activities that we conduct here, so today we thought of talking about 5 more and explaining to you how these benefit the children early on at this age at our early childhood learning centre. These activities are extremely important for us to conduct at our school because of the contribution they have towards the development of their motor skills, soft skills, and life skills. Let us talk about more such activities that we conduct here at one of the best preschools in India, Podar Jumbo Kids –

  • Parachute Play – Parachute activities are one of the most versatile activities that help the toddlers in collective fine motor and gross motor development, enhance their listening skills and promote social interaction. They are also guaranteed to keep the kids on their toes as they keep engaging in physical activities like singing and dancing. This also encourages them to focus on rhythm and listening skills that then drives them to channel their energies in creative ways. Playing so many games and engaging in multiple activities also helps in improving their ability to follow instructions.

  • Puppet Shows – There are multiple benefits of playing with puppets in an early childhood learning centre. They help in the development of a total of nine skills or levels of intelligence as the children are exposed to multiple languages and creativity. With the added advantage of also having social awareness, puppet shows are great to enhance the listening and thinking skills of children. With the help of puppets, they also imbibe the vital skill of how to resolve conflicts.

  • Story Time – Stories are a pathway to a land of imagination and plays a critical part in the overall development of children. Narrating stories helps in developing so many skills like listening, language, learning and also creativity. There are also so many moral stories that are narrated using flashcards, storybooks, puppets and stick puppets as these tools help in fostering their imagination.

  • Role Play – Role play is all about engaging children in a play where they get a better insight into the real world, their families, people who are around them and also gain an understanding of the role each of these people plays in their lives, and in what capacity. Since it is a play, it also helps in building their confidence and learning how to communicate more effectively and creatively. To add to that, role plays also enable children to get into character and act out real-life situations.

  • Yoga – The changing times have added a lot of stress even in the lives of the kindergartners. With so many things happening at the same time, they tend to feel fatigued sooner rather than later. Amidst all the fun and frolic activities, there is a need for some rejuvenation in the form of yoga. It also helps in improving the emotional regulation of children and helps in enhancing memory and concentration. Yoga additionally helps in boosting the self-esteem of children too.

These activities surely contribute a lot to the overall development of the children and help them grow into independent and successful individuals. Being one of the best preschools in India, Podar Jumbo Kids is 100% committed to giving the best to its preschoolers. Activities also are a great way for children to have fun while learning and developing some life skills that are very important for their futures. These activities help in strengthening the concentration powers that cover all the vital bases, ranging from social interactions to motor skills.