Finding the right kind of early childhood learning centre for your child is very important as it will help the child to have better cognitive development and start higher order learning from the first few years of their life. However, since a child’s developmentally appropriate growth is critical, a parent must be certain before selecting the best option for their child.


Things to Consider Before Selecting a Nursery School:

There are tons of options and usually a combination of factors that need to be decided before choosing that one great nursery school for your little one. Some of the important factors to be considered in this respect are:


  1. Focus should be beyond Academics:

Building life skills in students is far more important than purely academics, especially at the early learning years. If you keep teaching kids the same old-fashioned way, it would take no time for the child to lose interest and develop an aversion to the school. It is critical to find a school that does not focus solely on academics, but builds future ready skills which are incorporated within play therapy as a part of the curriculum.

Play therapy helps children learn better and ensures that the child can acquire and retain the knowledge for longer.


  1. Safety Factors:

Sending your little one to school is like leaving a piece of your heart behind. Hence it is very important to ensure that the nursery school you are choosing for your child has the highest safety and security measures in place and has regular safety drills to ensure preparedness.

It can be an arduous task to decipher whether a school is good purely based on its facade and hence it is equally important to conduct better research on the school and take feedback from other ex – parents. Safety factors are one of the most important prerequisites to focus on.


  1. Warm and Passionate Teachers:

When your kids go off to school, it is important that they are welcomed by warm and comforting teachers. One of the major reasons behind this is that teachers are often the role models that your kid looks up to, and hence it is very important for them to exhibit these kinds of feelings.

Also, when a teacher can model all of these feelings, they will be able to mentor your kids in the right way. But, along with that, they have to find innovative ways to teach and communicate with the kids so that your kids find them comforting.


  1. Phonetics and Elocution:

To make sure that the child leads and retains the basics of learning easily and for a longer period, they must learn it with the help of phonetics. Having a strong grip on phonetics will ensure that they can understand as well as master the pronunciations.

Along with phonetics, it is very important to have a steady dose of elocution so that they can help your child communicate better as well.


The Bottom Line

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