3 Team Building Activities For The Overall Development Of Kids

Being one of the best preschools in India, we recognise and understand the importance of team building activities and the crucial role that it plays owing to the lessons and teachings it deploys. Team building activities also make up a major part of our curriculum at...

Fun Activities That Podar Jumbo Kids Offers To Preschoolers

Last month we uploaded a blog on some of the fun activities that we conduct here at our school for Kindergarteners and we received a great response from you all. We had only spoken about four of the 13 activities that we conduct here, so today we thought of talking...

4 Reasons Why Preschool Education Is Important

A preschool is one of the first experiences a child has that takes place outside their comfort zones; where they have to physically step out of their cocoons and face the real world. This period of  transition from being an infant to a school-going toddler are called...

Podar Jumbo Kids is one of the leading Early Childhood Centers in India. It has centers pan India, each one as happy and committed as the other.

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