Children should enjoy childhood

Raghav Podar talks to SHALINI SAKSENA about what ails the education system and what can be done to change it What is the problem with our education system? There are many challenges; the most fundamental is centered around the pursuit of the “Holy Grail of Marks!”...

Classroom Strategies

Schools need to focus on building conducive learning environments where students can engage in creating new ideas and thoughts. In the rat race of scoring high marks, we have forgotten what education really is about, which is learning. The dominant culture in our...

Is digital learning becoming a new way of learning?

Before I answer the million dollar question on most education expert’s minds, let us first look at how learning has progressed through the years. When we were Neanderthals, learning took place through drawings and carvings on caves, or by simply observing how the...

Visualizing education system

Though teaching methods are shifting to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, the one thing remaining constant is the teacher-student relationship in the learning process. As tech tycoons Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk debate the effects of Artificial...

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