Practical ways to help you take an anxiety-free shot at clearing your finals Taking the board exams is usually stressful, more so, because of what is at stake. We have all been through it and know how the weight of expectations from our families, teachers, and...

Schooling has to facilitate thinking

Raghav Podar stressed on the role of healthy learning environments that equips children to face new challenges Einstein said: ‘Education is what remains when you have forgotten all that you had learned in school’. "One realizes the significance of the statement while...

We need to get children to build Plan B

It is said that winning and losing are two sides of the same coin. Of course, everyone wants their coin to fall on the winning side always; but there are going to be numerous times that doesn't happen. That's life! It is said that winning and losing are two sides of...

Podar Jumbo Kids is one of the leading Early Childhood Centers in India. It has centers pan India, each one as happy and committed as the other.

Podar Jumbo Kids Address    Podar Center, 85, Parel Post Office Lane, 
    Parel (East), Mumbai – 400 012.

Podar Jumbo Kids Calling Number   Mobile:  +91 70463 81000 / Office:  +91-22-4333-0017
   Email: admissions@jumbokids.com

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